Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back to the Southwest

I have been painting primarily in oils for the past few months and felt a need to get back to watercolor for some work I wanted to do from travels in the southwest.  Our local Jacksonville art supply store had some 15x20 watercolor pads on closeout when I stopped in so I picked up a few to "sketch" in, and work out some images that I have been thinking of painting for a while.  Below are the first 6 paintings in this series.  I may fill both pads before I finish this group and will share the progress as I go along.

All of this work is on 20 x 15, 140 lb Aquarell watercolor paper.

Back Road to Capital Reef
20 x 15 Watercolor

Badlands in Southern Utah
15 x 20 Watercolor

Bandolier Shadows
20 x 15 Watercolor

Hoodoos at the White Place
20 x 15 Watercolor

Near Abique Lake
15 x 20 Watercolor

Off the Pedernal Trail Road
15 x 20 Watercolor

Friday, April 3, 2015

Now for something completely different...

I draw with a group from a live model a few times a month to keep that muscle memory for drawing in shape but have really never painted a portrait.  A few weeks ago the model was one of our exhibiting members at the gallery and I missed that session.  Paul who runs the group, sent me the photos of the model and I decided that I would paint her in oil just for a change up in what I am working on.  It was challenging but also quite interesting to work with and may become a new subject source in the future.

Brown Eyed Girl
(Cori in Blue Silk)
20 x 16 Oil on Linen Panel  2015